UADSA Rebrand
The University of Abertay Dundee Students' Association (UADSA) decided to rebrand themselves after a decision was made to change web platform. UADSA requested a new, consistent, fresh look, which emphasised the Students' Association.

The Students' Association have four key areas which they wish to highlight to the student body. These fall under Democracy, Societies & Volunteering, Student Media and the Student's Union. They have been given their own colour which coincides with the overall branding.
This is the logo for the UADSA TV - YouTube channel. 
3D version of the logo for future ident.
When designing the website using the NUS Digital platform, the main aim was to make it easy for students to use on both desktop and mobile devices. Using the grid system with chosen colour scheme makes it easier for students to navigate and helps maintain a consistent look and feel throughout.
Content & Visuals added to the new NUS Digital platform
Twitter Visuals
Facebook Visuals
Launch Poster
T-Shirt design for our Freshers Fair 2013, society members will have the opportunity to wear this to help generate awareness of societies for new students.
Thank you for your time.

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