UADSA Student Handbook

UADSA: Student Handbook 2013/14 UADSA is the University of Abertay Dundee Students' Association, they produce a handbook each year to handout to new students. This handbook offers information on things such as facilities, student exec, societies and a list important contacts. The Student Handbook 2013/14 coincides with the UADSA Rebrand making use of the adopted colour themes helping promote their visual identity. Each page of the handbook was designed to increase student awareness and engagement. Print Specification Job: 52pp Inc. Cover. A5 Portrait Handbook Materials: Uncoated. Cover 300gsm, Inside Pages: 120gsm. Finishing: Perfect Bound Quantity: 2,500 Full Interactive version is also available online at Credit to Danny Proctor for taking photographs and Winter Simpson for printing this publication.

Overgate Shopping Centre
Parker Street, Student Accommodation
McManus Gallery
The Discovery
Plane for the Airport
Train for the Railway Station
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