The Watcher

The Watcher demonstrates UI/UX design for games, which was designed for a futuristic first person shooter (FPS) as part of my honours project at Abertay University. My aim was to explore user experience design and emerging technology in order to understand the extent to which graphical user interface design can impact upon the flow of gameplay. I designed a streamlined dashboard, to be used as both the main menu and pause menu to help improve learnability and efficiency in order to aid the flow of gameplay. I also created still images to convey the functionality of a heads-up-display The audio for this project was created by Irvine Cruickshank.

The Watcher // Visual Style
The Watcher // Icon Design
The Watcher // Final Artwork
The Watcher // Flow Diagram & Wireframes
The Watcher // Alternative Upgrade Widget
The Watcher // Final Artefact

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